Music to Wireframe by

So, I spun up The Hunt for Red October to accompany a short Balsamiq scrimmage. Some early product definition for a new enterprise.

Foreboding music swells through a collage of naval menace and violence. The opening scene is grave as the credits roll. The soviet commander’s eyes are watchful and defiant. With good reason, we see. Dollying back from Connery along the massive conning tower’s deck, then panning away to take in the tremendous bulk of the Red October as it passes across our field of vision. She is unbelievably huge.

She is a Behemoth. Enourmous. Black. Featureless. Powerful. Dominant. The Captain, atop his sub, surveying her and his domain. A thing of awe.

And unequivocally male.

How does a woman experience unilateral, autonomous command vicerally?

Is there a primary attack sub somewhere in the world’s waters commanded by a woman?

It seems there is.

Are. The first: Royal Norwegian Navy Commander Solveig Krey, HNoMS Kobben, 1995.

They each and collectively confront personally and in their office an elemental tradition of the Navy. And they embody it.

Now that’s someone I want to meet!

An inspiring diversion. Back to wireframes.

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