UX for Startups

Talking to a colleague this afternoon about UX opportunities, we touched generally on the types of UX practices and ideas that are close to our professional hearts.
For me UX for startups is a big one. I am very interested in mobile and web app product design generated by small, passionate technical teams aiming to “change the game” in an enterprises or consumer business with high investment return.

This type of work has been part of my UX practice and we agreed to explore building a presentation around the topic.

I’ll keep you posted!

Privly: Set your own terms of service

After reading Alexis Madrigal’s piece in The Atlantic about Sean McGregor‘s OSU Privly web privacy control project, I immediately ponied up on Kickstarter.

Privly allows people who use online services to publish and share their own words and pictures to retain ownership (read: control) of their content by withholding the files from the grasp of services’ systems.

Damn straight. As it should be.

Askance (Word of the Day)

askance |əˈskans| (also askant |əˈskant|)
with an attitude or look of suspicion or disapproval : the reformers looked askance at the mystical tradition | a waiter looked askance at Charlie’s jeans.
ORIGIN late 15th cent.: of unknown origin.


A great word I love using. When I noticed it today (NYT) I wondered at it’s origin – it wasn’t immediatly obvious to me.